October 21, 2020

Some of the Best Smart Tv

Almost every tv out there gives up an equipped with a smart platform. And there many manufacturers who have been using their own platforms, and there are many other manufacturers who have been choosing smart platforms like an android. The selection of different apps is great and most common apps which almost same an almost available in all platforms.

We have tested many TVs that have come up with a Smart Platform. As per our concern, we are going to mention what smart tv is best. I have known it is very difficult to choose the best smart tv for you so you have landed on our article don’t worry we are here to help you in this content we will mention some of the best, smart tv.

Below we have mentioned  list of what smart tv is best

  1. LG B9 OLEDImage result for LG B9 OLED

This is one of the best smart TVs which we have tested. This smart tv performs very well but it is not designed well as compare to any other LG TVs. The best part which is like about this product is its price which less expensive and perfect for the one who is not looking for so high demand Tv. This tv gives your permitted to access the LG smart apps and you will find many latest app that can over in almost any need.

  1. Sony X950G

The second best smart tv on our list is Sony X950G, the most accurate in color as we have tested so far. Tv is amazing and accurate with its brightness and colors. The tv can very bright and gives you both SDR and HDR content, so if you putting in a bright room then you should not have any kind of problem and also it is pretty good in low light.

  1. Samsung Q70 QLEDImage result for Samsung Q70 QLED

If you are looking for better performance tv then you should go for the Samsung Q70 QLED tv. Now I am not saying that the above to mentioned tv is not good enough to buy this has slightly more effective. The disadvantage this tv is that they don’t support Dolby as like other Samsung tv.

If you wan to take my recommendation then I will suggest you can go for any of this tv but you need to be aware of they all are different from each other. That’s all from our side about what smart tv is best.

Thank you.

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